Learn how to successfully return from your leave of absence.

If you are a union associate and you are not on Company-provided health and welfare benefits, contact your union trust for information regarding your benefits upon return to work from a leave of absence.

Roles and Responsibilities

Here’s who does what as you return from your leave.


  • As your leave draws to an end, contact your manager, CLT Administrator and The Hartford (if applicable) to confirm your return to work date.
  • If you are on your own medical leave, you must submit a Healthcare Provider Status Form or release note completed by your doctor that you are released to return to work.
  • If you need to request a leave extension, contact your manager, CLT Administrator and The Hartford (if applicable).
  • If your doctor specifies any work restrictions upon returning from your leave, notify your CLT Administrator.
  • Contact the Benefits Service Center at 888-255-2269, press 2 then press 2 again to speak with a Benefits Service Center Agent to learn what you need to do to re-enroll in any benefits that may have been discontinued during your leave.

Your Manager

  • Updates you on what’s happened while you were away and helps you get up-to-speed.
  • Supports job accommodations you may require.

Albertsons Centralized Leave Administrator

  • Contacts you within 5 days of your expected return-to-work date to confirm the timing, inform your manager, Albertsons Benefits team and Payroll Department of your return-to-work.
  • Work with your Division HR team if any job accommodations are required to verify necessary arrangements and job accommodation with your manager.