Prescription drug coverage helps pay for prescription medications purchased from any of our 1,700+ Company-owned pharmacies or a participating network pharmacy.

MedImpact is the pharmacy benefit manager for the BCI medical and certain regional plans. You will receive a prescription drug ID card from MedImpact, which is separate from your medical ID card, mailed to your home.

All Company-owned pharmacies are staffed with highly trained pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who treat your health with care and confidentiality.

MedImpact network pharmacies are only covered if the pharmacy is more than 10 miles from a Company-owned pharmacy. If you need help with finding a network pharmacy, please contact MedImpact at 888-402-1984.

Things to consider

The cost of your prescription depends on whether the drug is considered specified preventive, generic, brand preferred or brand non-preferred.

  • Specified preventive drugs: These are drugs specified on the essential drug list covered at 100% if filled at a Company or Medimpact network pharmacy. Click here to download a list of preventive drugs included on the essential drug list.
  • Additional preventive drugs: If you are enrolled in the HSA plan, additional preventive drugs are covered at 100% based on a formulary. Click here for additional preventive drugs covered at 100% with the HSA plan.
  • Generic drugs: These drugs are sold under the drug’s chemical name and contain the same active ingredients and equivalent strength and dosage to the brand-name equivalent.
  • Brand preferred drugs: You pay a lower copay for brand preferred drugs on the drug formulary compared to brand non-preferred drugs that are not on the drug formulary.
  • Brand non-preferred drugs: You pay the highest copay for brand non-preferred drugs that are not on the drug formulary.
  • Specialty medications: Our in-house Specialty Care Services are available to help you fill prescriptions for select specialty medications. Specialty medications are for complex diseases like HIV, mental health, autoimmune disorders and cancer. If this applies to you, your pharmacist will connect you with our Specialty Care team.

Regional medical plans Rx benefits

If you enroll in a regional medical plan, you will have access to the plan’s prescription drug benefits with the following exceptions which have prescription drug benefits through MedImpact:

  • Kaiser HMO in CA, WA, NW/OR and CO
  • Kaiser CA High Deductible HSA Plan