In general, leave is unpaid. However, there are a few ways you may be able receive pay during your leave of absence.

Integrating Pay

Some associates may elect to use available paid time off, vacation, flexible time off, sick pay and/or personal days/floating holidays (collectively “Paid Time”) during leave in order to receive 100% of pay during some or all of their leave. Pay integration will occur once your short-term disability (STD) pay drops to 60%.

You can elect to integrate your Paid Time by completing your leave intake form located at myACI > My HR > Leave of Absence.

Short-Term Disability

If you are taking a leave for your medical or pregnancy/childbirth and your claim for STD is approved by The Hartford, generally you will receive 100% of your pay for 6 weeks after a 1 week waiting period1. Starting in week 7, you’ll receive 60% of your pay for up to 19 more weeks if your disability continues. Some provisions may vary depending on your STD coverage. If you are enrolled in company-provided STD, you can file a claim with The Hartford at The Hartford online claim portal or call 855-532-7881.

State Disability and Family/Medical Leave Programs

Click here to learn about the states that offer programs for associates who work in certain states and meet state eligibility requirements.


1 For hospital confinements of 24 hours or more, including pregnancy and childbirth, or for an Outpatient Surgical Procedure which necessitates a Total Disability period or a Disabled and Working Disability period of 24 hours or more after surgery, benefits commence: 1) on the first day of hospital confinement; or 2) on the date of the Outpatient Surgical Procedure.