At Albertsons, we understand you may need time off work for certain life events, like the birth or adoption of a child, your own or a family member’s medical condition, a call to active military duty and more. Generally, the leave of absence process works the same way for all associates. However, certain aspects of a leave of absence for associates represented by a union are governed by the union’s collective bargaining agreement and may differ from the leaves of absence described on this website.

Before requesting a leave of absence, review the tiles below to understand the types of leave available, how the different leaves of absence work, and your responsibilities during the leave process.


Albertsons Leave of Absence Process

View an interactive diagram of Albertsons leave of absence process. Click on the steps in the diagram for a description of each step.

Types of Leave Available

What types of leave are available?

Requesting a Leave

How do I request a leave?

Getting Paid While on Leave

How and when will I get paid?

State Programs Available

Who is eligible for state programs?

Benefits While on Leave

What happens to my benefits while on leave?

Responsiblities While on Leave

What are my responsibilities during a leave?

When a Leave Ends

What happens when my leave ends?

Your Leave Resources

Find more leave resources