Flexible Time Off (FTO) described here is available to non-union salaried associates in corporate and division offices.

Non-union salaried associates in stores, distribution centers and manufacturing plants follow their current vacation/PTO program. Questions about current vacation/PTO programs should be referred to your local HR representative.

How FTO works

With FTO, you do not accrue (earn) paid time off. Instead, with your manager’s approval, you have the flexibility to take time off when you need it for discretionary absences (such as a vacation or a personal day), without worrying about how many hours you have available. While you are on FTO, you will continue to be paid your base salary. You can take up to a maximum of three consecutive weeks FTO at one time.

Requesting FTO

You should request FTO by notifying your manager as far in advance as possible. Approval of your request for FTO will be based on your manager’s review of appropriate business considerations including the needs of the department, your ability to meet your work commitments and duties.

Unused vacation or paid time off hours on 01/01/22

After any carryover limitations or maximum accruals are applied, your accrued, unused vacation or banked PTO hours are frozen on 01/01/22 and will be paid out at termination of employment unless the PTO or vacation is used when you are unable to use FTO, such as during a Company-approved leave of absence.

FTO more information

For more information on FTO, refer to Time Off FAQs.