With the Transcarent Surgery Care (formerly BridgeHealth), you can save money while receiving top-quality care with low complication, infection and readmission rates for certain non-emergency surgeries.

If you are enrolled in the EPO Network Plan/EPO HP-Network Plan, HSA Plan or PPO Plan through Blue Cross of Idaho, you have access to Transcarent Surgery Care’s top-rated facilities and surgeons for non-emergency surgeries.  When you choose a Transcarent Surgery Care provider, you pay $0 if you are enrolled in the EPO or PPO plans. If you are enrolled in the HSA Plan, you pay $0 after meeting your annual deductible.

Below is an example of how the benefits works.

Examples of covered procedures

  • Bariatric surgery
  • Cardiac care
  • Certain cancer-related surgeries
  • Orthopedic
  • Spine surgery
  • Vascular
  • Women’s health (gynecological)

Get started with Transcarent Surgery Care

  1. Contact a Transcarent Surgery Care Care Coordinator at (888) 387-3912 or at surgerycare@transcarent.com before you schedule surgery.
  2. Your Care Coordinator will provide you with information on the Transcarent Surgery Care facilities and doctors who are best qualified to handle your particular surgery. You’ll also receive guidance and support throughout the process to help you with scheduling and other arrangements.
  3. You’ll receive care from a top-rated provider in the Transcarent Surgery Care program. This could mean a better outcome and faster recover for you.

Colonoscopies and Endoscopies

The Transcarent Surgery Care program now includes preventive and diagnostic colonscopies and endoscopies. This benefit includes:

  • Shorter wait times: Transcarent members receive priority access at top-rated facilities to receive colonoscopies and endoscopies within 30 days. (Non-Transcarent procedures may take 3-6 months to schedule depending on the location.
  • Concierge Support: Your Transcarent Care Coordinator is ready to schedule your appointment, answer questions, help with paperwork, coordinate billing and make your experience as easy as possible.
  • Lower cost: When you choose Transcarent for your colonoscopy or endoscopy, the cost of your preventive or diagnostic procedure is fully covered, and you pay $0 if you are enrolled under the EPO or PPO plans. If you are enrolled in the HSA plan, you pay $0 after meeting your deductible.

Colonoscopies and endoscopies from Transcarent Surgery Care providers are available at the following locations:

California: Glendale, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Temecula

Illinois: Chicago, Naperville

Michigan: Grand Rapids, Kentwood

Minnesota: Bloomington, Chaska, Minneapolis, St. Paul

Missouri: Des Peres, St. Louis

New Jersey: Freehold

North Carolina: Raleigh

Texas: Houston, Kerrville

Please note: You are not required to use a Transcarent Surgery Care provider for a colonscopy or endoscopy. A colonoscopy or endoscopy is covered under your medical plan at 100% when you use a Blue Cross of Idaho network provider for a preventive colonoscopy or endoscopy and the provider bills the service as preventive. If your provider recommends a colonoscopy to investigate symptoms you’re having, that’s considered diagnostic care. A diagnostic colonoscopy or endoscopy is covered under your medical plan but would be subject to your deductible and your share of medical plan costs.

For more information on colonoscopies and endoscopies through Transcarent Surgery Care, contact a Transcarent Care Coordinator at (888) 387-3912 or at surgerycare@transcarent.com.